Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

A Scandinavian Dream

The redhead model-twins Gwen and Donna Loos in the midst of this romantic lookbook inspired by the Nordic romance of Scandinavia .
Not only graphically perfectly realized but also the new Rodarte for Opening Ceremony fw11 collection is a dream itself.
Typical winter/autumn-colors such as dark green and red combined with white meet playful elements with a summery freshness like the cute ruffle-details and pastel colors which should maybe remind us of being cool with the colder months of the year.

By the way : Have you guys the feeling to melt as soon as you take only one step out of the door , too?


  1. AMAZING! I might just have to post about this too, but I will credit you for finding it :D

  2. so cool! love the way the pictures were taken :)

  3. wow this is the most amazing look book shoot I've ever seen! Love the girls, the dresses and the concept!

    Thank you for sharing! Come follow my blog hun :)

  4. w.o.w. !!! :D i really love these pictures :) they're adorable!
    Live.Laugh.Love. - everyday.

  5. Wow!!! These images are so incredible! The clothes and the presentation are so amazing!


  6. This is a new blog. ;)
    You can buy for example a bag!

  7. ich mag die frisuren der models haha

  8. This is so cool! But umm... why are her legs so hairy in the last picture? That kind of freaks me out...

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thanks for all your sweet comments!